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Biomass steam generator to replace furnace oil-fired boiler

November 2011
Synefra Engineering and Construction spearheaded the conceptualisation and implementation of biomass briquette-fired steam generators as a replacement for existing oil-fired steam generators at Serum Institute's production facility. This solution, apart from huge cost savings, will qualify for lucrative carbon credits. The company said that the biggest advantage is the reduction in operating cost. The savings are so phenomenal that the entire investment of a new boiler house with pollution control systems will be paid back in less than 12 months, depending on the number of hours of operation and load factor. Generally, the efficiency of a solid fuel-fired boiler is lower than that of an oil or gas-fired boiler. But in the case of briquettes, low ash content and mechanised firing coupled with a heat recovery system will give good efficiency.

JR Tanti, MD, Synefra, said, "With the ever-increasing price of fuel, there is a crying need to look at alternative sources of energy as the fuel cost is a major input cost in operations."

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Web: http://synefra.com
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