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SCC India  New Opportunities
Debi Prasad Dash, Director - India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA), Customized Energy Solutions, speaks about how Indian solar companies are eyeing to diversify their business into the energy storage space.

Expansion for rural use will be a key driver
The development in the introduced limit in India is driven by monetary impetuses given by the administration. These are required to drive the Indian utility-scale PV development from 35 MW in 2010 to a combined limit of 627.2 MW by 2015.

Storing the Sun
With increase in share of renewables in the distribution system, it has become indispensable to incorporate large scale integration of energy storage, which gives flexibility to quickly ramp up supply in case the need arises.

Dedicated spectrum key for smart grid success
While we always say that the Indian market is price sensitive, at the same time it is also a big volume market. The Indian Prime Minister┬Žs initiative v Make In India v is helping multinational corporations (MNCs) like us to plan for local manufacturing and bring the cost of products down.

Energy efficiency would lead to technological innovation and upgradation
Efficient energy management is becoming indispensable, and the concept of a smart city is modelled on this. Energy efficiency in India would lead to technological innovation and upgradation, modernisation, adoption of best practices and global benchmarking.

Upcoming Events

  • 8th World Renewable Energy Congress: August 21-23 in New Delhi
  • Renewable Energy India: September 20-22, Greater, Noida
  • Wire and Cable India: October 05-07 in New Delhi
  • India Nuclear Energy: September 09-10 in Mumbai
  • Intersolar - India: December 05-07 in Mumbai

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