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In the past five years, coal power made up over two-thirds of capacity additions in India's generation, and currently accounts for more than 60 per cent of India's power capacity. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), India's coal demand will see the biggest growth over the next five years, despite a global slowdown.

Energy-efficient power plants crucial to tackle emissions
India's power generation capacity has nearly tripled in the last 15 years from 105 GW in 2002 to 315 GW in 2017 as demand for electrical energy surged in a rapidly expanding economy. During this time, 140 GW of coal and gas power generation installed base were set-up.

On the Right Track
Globally, 20 per cent of the total generated energy is used for lighting purposes alone. Experts are of the opinion that the said number has to be revoked considering the challenges arising from climate change issues.

Pay Dirt
The humongous amounts of garbage generated in India can very well entitle the waste management sector to claim being an industry. A

Intelligent grids backed by cyber security will be the norm
In analysing the grid failure of 2012, it was observed that overloading and consequent tripping of 220 kV system had pushed the system to the edge. As is the case with most system failures, no single factor was responsible for the grid disturbance.

Upcoming Events

  • 8th World Renewable Energy Congress: August 21-23 in New Delhi
  • Renewable Energy India: September 20-22, Greater, Noida
  • Wire and Cable India: October 05-07 in New Delhi
  • India Nuclear Energy: September 09-10 in Mumbai
  • Intersolar - India: December 05-07 in Mumbai

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