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"Local issues have resulted in delays in project commissioning"
May 2018
Although India's current power generation landscape is largely dominated by coal-based generation, the government recognises the need to reduce high dependency on coal, given the impact on the environment and our INDC commitments.
The Solar Boom Marches On
December 2016
Thomas Edison had in 1931 during a conversation with Henry Ford mentioned, ´I´d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don´t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.´ It appears that Government of India (GoI) is following the same spirit while implementing the largest renewable capacity expansion program in the world
Closing the COP21 Gap by Going Solar
September 2016
Embarking on the process to mitigate climate change impacts, 195 countries agreed to reduce/curb greenhouse gas emissions at the COP21 UNCCC in Paris, but there is little analysis on the missing renewable capacity required to achieve these targets.
Power-Gen India Being Cleaner, Leaner and Greener
May 2016
The 15th Annual POWER-GEN India 2016 is all set to be held at the Pragati Maidan Exhibition Centre in New Delhi from May 18-20, this year.
A Deal for the Planet
February 2016
The latest attempt at saving the planet from the dangers of climate change has paid off. However, the power sector has to gear up for the new dynamics it brings in. The world was expected to arrive at a time to pay for its sins and excesses by 2050
The Long Journey from Rio to Paris
February 2016
All this hullabaloo just to achieve a pithy two degrees? What will posterity say? Starting out from Rio in 1992 to Paris in 2015, via Berlin, Kyoto, Durban, Lima, Copenhagen, among others
Clean Coal Technology, Low Carbon Power - are these Oxymorons?
September 2015
Do you know about Kiribati? In case you do not, it is a nation of 100,000 people living on 32 atolls in the Pacific Ocean, feeling increasingly threatened by the creeping rise in sea water levels due to melting ice caps, caused in turn by the phenomenon known as global warming.

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