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Unreliability of electricity grids is a major driving factor
February 2017
Power is one of the most critical components of infrastructure and is crucial for both economic growth and welfare of the nation. India´s power sector is one of the most diversified and is undergoing significant change redefined the industry outlook.
How CPCB gen sets are the back bone of India today - the current technological trends and developments in diesel generators in India
November 2016
We are predominantly witnessing two major technical trends in the DG sets sector which generally attracts customer demand – fuel efficiency and emission controls. Today we have products compliant to CPCB II norms and even Euro IV standards. The availability of such products hence drives the customer towards purchasing and utilising DG sets which are far more superior to the alternatives which were available.
Clean Coal Technology, Low Carbon Power - are these Oxymorons?
September 2015
Do you know about Kiribati? In case you do not, it is a nation of 100,000 people living on 32 atolls in the Pacific Ocean, feeling increasingly threatened by the creeping rise in sea water levels due to melting ice caps, caused in turn by the phenomenon known as global warming.
Need of Bag Houses in Coal Fired Power Plants
May 2015
As India is marching towards a high growth economy, there will be a huge requirement for power to accelerate the growth of her manufacturing sector. Most of the power (over 70 per cent) for this will have to come from coal fired boilers as the country is blessed with plenty of coal reserves.
A fuel solution for diesel gensets- Eden Energy
September 2014
Use of OptiBlendTM system gave customers a solution to reduce per unit electricity costs by displacing diesel with other alternate fuels available at site. Eden Energy India Pvt. Ltd. is a multinational company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
Fabric Filters: The emerging solution for pollution control in power sector
August 2014
Power development is the key to the economic development. A country´s growth or development yard stick is measured by the Electrical Power it can generate to fuel its industrial growth. India is power deficit where demand far outweighs supply/ generation.
Boilers and Turbines |The rise of supercritical boilers
March 2014
Supercritical boilers using Benson Vertical Tube design offer several advantages over conventional spiral wall design. K Viswanathan shares his technological perspective. ISGEC, with technical collaboration from Foster Wheeler, offers supercritical boilers using Benson Vertical Tube (BVT) design. This has several advantages over conventional spiral wall design. These advantages include ease of fabrication, construction and maintenance apart from enabling the use of conventional buckstay and s

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