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Nuclear Power Indias Low Carbon Base Load Option
December 2015
Nuclear Power is good or bad? This is a difficult question, and can have no simple answer. But then, most things in our life are a mixture of good and bad, and depending on the point of view, the answer tends to tilt either way.
Come up trumps with standards
November 2015
Due to failure in adoption of global standards by manufacturers, Indian motor industry is losing ground to rising imports. Today, energy efficiency is of dominant importance due to the ever rising electrical energy demand, growing awareness about global warming, and fossil fuel prices threatening to spiral again.
Clean Coal Technology, Low Carbon Power - are these Oxymorons?
September 2015
Do you know about Kiribati? In case you do not, it is a nation of 100,000 people living on 32 atolls in the Pacific Ocean, feeling increasingly threatened by the creeping rise in sea water levels due to melting ice caps, caused in turn by the phenomenon known as global warming.
The Quintessential Development Dilemma
September 2015
Legend has it, that the famous poet Kalidasa was a thickhead before his emancipation. He, who has been credited with writing timeless classics such as “Meghaduta” and “Abhijnana Shakuntalam” in his later life, was once found trying to cut the same branch of a tree on which he was perched.
Critically Acclaimed
September 2015
Given the fact that a significant quantity of coal will continue to dominate India´s energy generation, energy efficiency becomes vital. As per the thumb rule: higher efficiency in the generation of electricity means, lower consumption of coal per unit of electricity generated.
Alstom and NASL to retrofit steam turbines at Ukai and Wanakbori power stations in Gujarat, India
July 2015
Alstom and NASL have been awarded a contract worth approximately -Ç26.65million (Rs 2,067 million) by Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited (GSECL) to renovate and modernise two steam turbines at the Ukai and Wanakbori thermal power stations, situated in Gujarat, India.
R.I.P. ´Edison´ Incandescent Bulb
July 2015
´Well, I´m not a scientist, I´m an inventor,´ thus was Thomas Alva Edison quoted by his private secretary, AO Tate. Even today, Edison´s name is synonymous with innovation, and among his large number of patents, stands out the electric light bulb-which has not only been embedded in human existence, but also come to symbolise that brilliant flash of breakthrough thinking from an inspired genius, traditionally associated with the inventive act.
Fully charged!
June 2015
Dedicated to both innovation and value, Greenlight Planet´s Sun King™ Solar Lamp products are the first in the rural marketplace to burn for 30 hour straight and offer a breakthrough five-year lithium ferrophosphate battery. The lantern is tremendously versatile and can be nailed to the wall, used on a stand, hung from the ceiling, or carried by hand.
The Nuclear Switch
October 2014
It is the fuel of the future. For an energy-starved nation like India, nuclear energy presents huge opportunities, but it also poses immense challenges in implementation.
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